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What's It Worth? 1923 Chevrolet Superior Roadster Pickup ..Billy D Goes After Henry's T

If you were Swiss race car driver Louis Chevrolet and Merger Mad William C Durant you just didn't see eye to eye on things From its start in 1911 The Chevrolet Motor Company had tension from its founders Louis Chevrolet and Billy Durant. Race car legend Chevrolet was riding high on his fame and wanted to build upscale luxury cars but newly 'De-Throwned" from GM Durant wanted to make a car for the masses to battle Henry Ford and his Tin Lizzy Model T. Louis Chevrolet's plan was to make the finest. Durant's plan was to use his profits and power to regain control of General Motors.

By 1914 disgusted and in need of money Louis Chevrolet sold his company shares to Billy Durant. Chevrolet would die almost penniless in 1941 after a glory filled racing career but never spoke of the car company that bared his name.

Boosted by the profits in 1916 by the very popular Series 490 Durant regained control of GM. By 1919 Chevrolet Motor Company was merged into GM herd of vehicles. Chevrolet would eventually become the worlds largest car maker out selling even Henry's Fords.

By 1920 Durant once again over extended himself and was ousted for the final time from his GM throne. He would go on to other ventures including the car that bore his name The Durant. He never acheived the wealth of Henry Ford or prior glory. He died in 1947 in Flint Michigan as the manager of a bowling alley.

In 1923 needing a boost in sales GM and Chevrolet brought out a new line of economical rugged cars know as the Superior Series. In many ways they were 'Superior" to the aging Model T. They used Delco electric starters, generators and lighting. Instead of the Tin Lizzy hard to use Planetary Transmission they had a 3 speed manual with a floor shift.

Very modern for a vehicle in the low price field in 1923. Engines were a relaible 171 cubic inch side valve four cylinder with an earth shaking 26 horsepower. Available in a wide choice of bodies and colors the 1923 Chevrolet Series B Superior line of vehicles sold well. With 480,000 plus units sold.

Our feature 1923 Chevrolet Superior Roadster Pickup has a custom body that is a close replica of the one that came from the factory. Workmanship on the wood is superb. It is considered and running a driving vehicle in need of a detail and service to be roadworthy.

As much as these Pre-WWII relics are packed full of history and charm interest for them are getting less the years go by. Part of that is that the core group of people who adored them are starting to die off, very sad indeed. Makes us almost weep to think about some of the history of the automobile that being lost almost everyday.

So the big question once again is what is a Semi-Running Fliver Like 1923 Chevy Superior with a custom body worth. WHAT'S IT WORTH? SEE BELOW >>>>

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