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What Auto Is This? A Japanese Car Maker Goes Luxury

This high volume car maker made this model from 1970 till 2000. The first generation was introduced was introduced in Dec.1970 as a 1971 model.The first of these cars hit the shores of the USA in April 1971.Considered by this maker as a large car it was dwarfed by the Coupe De Ville’s of the day. This model would be the first to have a 10% import duty implemented by Richard Nixon.


That sales tariff would hurt sales and would force these Asian companies to open plants in the USA. Oddly that tax would open the door for the invasion from Japan. Also because of that extra tax this model would only be sold in the USA for three years.

The first generation featured a sturdy and thrifty 1588cc engine. Backing this up was a slick shifting 4 speed manual transmission or a slugfest 3 speed automatic.

A trend that would stick with this maker till this day standard items included fully reclining seat with built in headrests power front disc brakes, radio, clock and full safety shoulder belts. Options would included A/C and a nifty 8 track player.


You could get three body styles. A stoic four door sedan, a grocery getting wagon and a sporty two door hardtop. For more “sportiness” you could get the GT model that featured mag type wheel covers and racy graphics. Even though this model never was a big seller compared to its smaller stablemates it would be only the start for midsize offerings from this automaker. What Auto is This??

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