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Bring Your Classic To Our Drive To Center And Get $25.00 Off Your Vintage Auto Appraisal Value Repor

Whew !! It’s been a busy summer and fall for Ole Vintage Auto Appraisal. Appraisals in Appraisals out. With Car Show Season in Carlisle and Long Island winding down to a close we will be spending more time at The Vintage Auto Appraisal Drive To Location.

If you bring your special ride to our Drive To Location also known as “The Car Condo” for a Vintage Auto Appraisal Value Report, Insurance Appraisal, Pre-Purchase Inspection or anyone of our Standard Appraisals you will receive $25.00 off our already low price. Local Car Clubs also get another $25.00 off!! That's a whopping $50.00 off any one of our services or value reports.

For that awesome deal you will get what we Know is the Best Appraisal Product in the industry. Every Vintage Auto Appraisal Report comes with 24-36 color pictures, vehicle information, value based on comps of similar vehicles sold, ID ,Data plate information or de-coding and history about your vehicle.

To schedule an appointment please use our CONTACT US link on our easy to use website or private message us thru our Facebook Page. We ask PLEASE set up an appointment in advance. See Y’All by The Car Condo.

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