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Dates Set For The 2017 Vintage Auto Appraisal “Buggin Out” Lincoln Highway Cross Country Tour

Still in the early planning stages but the dates for the 2017 Lincoln Highway “Buggin Out” Lincoln Highway Cross Country Tour will be May 11th-May 26th,2017. A Merry and Kooky group of Classic VW’s will have the start off at the 2017 Import Carlisle at the Famous Carlisle Fairgrounds. We will have a display at the Vintage Auto Appraisal Booth and will leave from there at the Crack Of 9am on Monday May 14th, 2017.

From there we will travel up to US Route 30 aka The Lincoln Highway and head west. Route, times, events and lodging info will be available as things fall into place. We have 3 sponsors on board and are looking for more. If you wish to be a sponsor please use the CONTACT US link on top of our webpage.

Final prep and ummmm Ironing Out The Bugs (get it Bugs) will be all next summer and fall. Hey Otto is an Air Cooled Vee Dub they have quirks. We are looking for 3 more old VW’s to do the tour. If interested CONTACT US with info about you and your VW. See ya on the Lincoln Highway..

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