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Redneck Auto-Momemts ..A Problem With A Chia-Pet and Billy Bob and Uncle Bubba Open A Driving School

Billy-Bob is in the doghouse with Twanda again. It seems like he done forgot to take the case of Chia-pet off the roof of the family truckster before a thunderstorm. To get himself out of the ole doghouse Billy Bob promised Twanda and extra bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill. “She can be a little ornery during her Lady Time” Billy Bob says

In an effort to help the “Young-ins” Billy-Bob, Twanda and Uncle Bubba have decided to open a Driving School for Teen Drivers..Uncle Bubba knows the Ole Family Delta 88 done needs a little work but promises to get it ready for the road soon. They just ask that “Y’all Young-Ins please leave your chewing tabacky and beer at home and also provide your own Bungi Cord because “Y’all should never drive without a seat belt”

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