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What's It Worth? 1983 Renault Fuego
1983 Renault Fuego Coupe "Le Junk" or Never Trust A Car Whose Name Means Fire...

If you had the honor of visiting your local AMC dealer in the 1980′s you could chose fine products like the AMC Concord or any number of vehicles made by Renault. Part of the “Franco-American” merger of the late 1970′s

AMC and Renault combined forces to sell an unusual claptrap of vehicles. One “Charmer” that snuck in was the sporty coupe known as the Renault Fuego. In Spanish the word “Fuego” stands for “fire” Not the best name for a French car with so-so electronics. To get it to meet USA bumper and light standards Renault had to slap on bulky bumpers and sealed beam headlamps. Making the akward car look well ummm akward. To make matters worse the quirky French ergonomics were never embraced by USA buyers.

  Adding to the trouble was nobody could fix it and lack of parts. Oddly the Fuego had some automotive firsts. Keyless entry andsteering wheel audio controls were two of its inovations. Fuego’s aged poorly and most have become part of some sort of eco-system. Few have Few have survived in the USA. Our feature 1983 Renault Fuego was part of an estate. It has traveled 105,000 hard miles. Runs..kinda. What’s It Worth??

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