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What's It Worth? Bricklin SV1

1970's Style Gullwinged Safety Vehicle

March 2014

Anybody who drives a Subaru owes thanks toMalcom Bricklin. Bricklin was one of the first importers of Subaru’s to the USA. He would also build a gullwinged sports cars years before John Delorean famous DMC-12. The Bricklin was a great idea at a not so great time. Dubbed the SV-1 its name stood for “Safety Vehicle One”

The Bricklin brochures bragged that the SV-1 would never be equipped with an ash tray saying. “Smoking while driving is unsafe” The Bricklin had two very unusual features.The first was its semi power gullwing doors. Heavy and poor fitting they would flood the interior during a hard rain. The Bricklin factory claimed they fixed the problem with an updated boots. Car and Driver magazine joked “Were not sure if the boots are for the car or feet” Bricklin’s till today can become very Poseidon like.

The other feature was its hard plastic body over fiberglass. You could only get five colors. All were safety, green, white,s untan, orange. The interior was a very trendy suede that wore out quickly. The chassis was based on the AMC Javelin. In 1974 you got the AMC 360 V8. In 1975 You got the Ford 351 Windsor V8. Only made from 1974-1975 Bricklin’s factory could never produce enough cars to pay the bills. Bricklin went belly up in early 1976 owing the Canadian government $23 million. Malcom would go on to import another iconic car. The Yugo. Our feature 1975 Bricklin SV-1 an all original car with only 63,418 miles. Showing very little wear it runs and drive wonderful. The Bricklin has always had strong club support that helps values. Only 2854 Bricklin’s were made. What's It Worth? 

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