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        What's It Worth?               1985 Chevrolet Citation X11

GM Once Again Comes Up With A Great Idea But It's Usual Bad Results

The poor little Chevy Citation X-11 it never had a chance. Starting life as part of the disaster known as theGM X Car the Citation X-11 was much better than the sum of its corporate parts. The GM X Car was The Generals attempt at building a all new compact car.

Not that the idea was bad but in the usual GM style the actual product and build quality made a Le Car look like an Acura. Introduced as a 1980 model the Chevy Citation would win Motor Trends “Car Of The Year” award. Sales were so strong that the factories couldn’t keep up with demand.

Some buyers had to wait up to 9 months to receive their X-Car. With all this rushing the quality and reliabilty was horrible. So bad was the amount of complaints to the US goverment that the “Lemon Law” was actualy created becuse of the GM X-Car. While all this was going on Chevy created a performance version called the Citation X-11. Built from 1981-85 the X-11 featured 2.8 liter High Output V6 engine, special tuned suspension, wheels, instruments and graphics. Despite its X-Car roots the X-11 scooted and handled.

For its last year 1985 the X-11 got Port Tuned Fuel injection. Only 1687 Citation X-11′s were built in 1985. As good as the X-11 was it could never escape the hog-pog known as the X-Car. Our feature 1985 Chevrolet Citation X-11 is rust free Texas car with only 38,600 miles. In original excellent shape its original owner says “It still gives Honda Civic SI’s a run for there money” What’s It Worth??

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