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What's It Worth? 1988 944 Turbo

Dr Porsche Forces Some Air Into A 944 And Creates A Bargain Supercar

Introduced in 1986 the Porsche 944 Turbo was a vast improvement over the Non-Turbo 944. Known as the “951″ within Porsche the 944 Turbo came with 220 horsepower from the factory. For model year 1988 Porsche introduced the “Turbo S”.The “S” came with upgraded suspension, brakes and 247 horsepower. These 944 Turbo’s are currently under valued but that is due to change due to strong club support and excellent parts availability.

The featured car is a Non-S type 944 Turbo. It is a high miles daily driver with 136,415 miles. Always serviced and repaired as needed. It shows signs of its age and miles. A bargain exotic at a bargain price. Now is the time to buy one of these before price shoot up. What's It Worth?

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