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What's It Worth?

1987 Yugo CV Two Door Hatchback

From A Commie Wagon To American Junk

By the mid 1980′s America was flooded with Yuppie-ism,Regan-ism and Wall Street-ism. It was big money time and the cash was flowing if you had the right connections. Big dollar cars from Europe were selling more than ever.

As with all trends comes a counter culture. Seeing the need for cheap transportation Malcom Bricklin the father of The Bricklin sports car and the Subaru decided to import aYugoslavian Fiatknown here as the Yugo. At a lowest in the land price of $3990.00 the Yugo was a great idea but a bad car.

 Not that it was the cars fault. The Yugo was based on an ancient platform the Fiat 127 that dated back to the late 1960′s. The Yugo was never suited for our highways or leadfooted Americans. Adding to its pain was the addition of power robbing USA emissions and weighty 5pmh bumpers. For the $3990.00 base price you got what you paid for. A clanky outdated car with so/so mechanics. Yugo’s were sold in the USA from 1985-1991. A total of 141,511 found new owners in America. In 1991 only 3981 were sold here before Yugo pulled up stakes and ran back to Yugoslavia. Our feature 1987 Yugo CV has only 1800 miles. It is a true time capsule going back to a time we might want to forget. What’s It Worth?

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