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What's It Worth?

1978 AMC Pacer Wagon

AMC's Collectible Flying Fish Bowl

First conceived by AMC styling guru Richard Teague in 1971 the AMC Pacer was unlike any other American car produced. Seeing the need for smaller cars Dick Teague penned a small-ish car with full size room. Introduced for the 1975 model year the AMC Pacer was different.

With its huge glass area and bloated body its a “flying fish bowl” as Car and Driver called it. Due to dumb luck and the OPEC Gas Crisis the Pacer sold over 145,000 units it first year. The Pacer did deliver on its promise of a large interior in a smaller package

The only problem was all that glass made it like a tanning salon in the summer. As the years passed Pacer sales would go down every year till its last 1980. Not that it was a bad car it just couldn’t compete with better offerings from Japan. The other problem was it’s standard issue six cylinder was a little thirsty compared to thrifty four cylinder models from Japan and Europe. Its handling was also a little fish bowl like. As with all things odd the AMC Pacer has a cult following helping values. Our feature 1978 AMC Pacer DL Wagon was resucued from a long closed AMC dealer in Idaho. It’s all original with only 34,818 miles. The DL package gave you upgraded interior, wheels, trim and the 258 six cylinder engine. This 1978 AMC Pacer DL Wagon is a true time capsule. Whats it Worth??

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