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The Door Was Built For A Man Not An Eel..

This quality car maker opened its door in 1909. In its first year it produced 500 vehicles. By 1910 they sold over 5000 automobiles. Founded by two brothers who were former Ford and Oldsmobile employees they left the company the company that beared their name by 1912. They would also be one of the first automakers to feature an all steel body. With a new plant built in 1924 they were able to be a strong rival to Chevrolet and Ford. By 1928 they sold over 65,000 automobiles. So flush with cash they were able to buy the Chandler Motor Car Company in 1928 to increase its market share.

By the time The Great Depression hit in the early 1930′s they were losing sales and market share due to a lack of low priced models. Trying to boost sales they employeed soon to be famous stylist Raymond Lowey to create anArt Deco Aerodynamic body. The featured 1933 auto featured the Lowey styling in a mid priced automobile. Powered by a 90 horsepower 221 cubic inch flathead six cylinder engine. Other inovations included the first USA automobile with a free wheeling clutch and sealed beam headlamps

In the mid priced field you could buy four different bodies. A two and four door sedan, two door coupe and sleek roadster. The two door sedan would be its biggest seller with a selling price of $995.00 and 4655 finding homes. Known for some of the most unusual ad slogans of it era. Some were “For people who go places and do things” and the odd ”This door was built for a man not an eel” Even with all this style, fun slogans and inovation this once proud make was gone by late 1939. These 1933 models are considered some of the best produced by this superb automaker. What Auto Is This?

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