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What's It Worth? 1967 Triumph GT6

A Mini XKE From The Boys At Triumph

In 1963 wanting to add to its new Spitfire lineup Triumph commisioned Italian design studio Michelottito create a coupe version of the Spit. Part of the reason was that a fastback version would provideTriumph with a more aerodynamic car to compete at 24 Hours of Le Mans. Proto-types were ready for 1964 race season. The problem with adding a roof that it added weight. The Spitfires small four cylinder engine was not up to the task.

Using the off the shelf 2.0 liter six cylinder from the Vitesse solved the power problem with a small cost. Wanting to give it a unique style Triumph dropped the Spitfire-6 name in favor of the GT6. The “GT’ noting it’s GT or fastback looks. Motor Magazine wrote in a 1966 road test.”It’s a Jaguar XKE for the common man” Introduced in mid 1966 the Mark I GT6 was a sales hit for Triumph. Upgrades were needed to fit a six were a four was. Most notable was the “Power Bulge” in the hood to clear the longer lusty sounding six cylinder. Yuo could load your golf bags thru the spiffy rear hatch. There was a rear seat..sort of.. If you were a child or double jointed.

GT6′s ran well and fast but suffered from cramped interior space and in the summer was like the Equator. The Triumph GT6 was made from 1966-1973. As with all Triumphs values are strong due to club support and a wealth of spare parts. Our feature 1967 Triumph GT6 is an older restored car with an Autocross history. Upgrades include Weber Carbs, header and Monza Exhaust. Keep in mind GT6′s are popular but not as valuable as their big brothers the TR3-TR6. What’s It Worth?

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