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What's It Worth? 1971 AMC Gremlin X

AMC's Quirky Import Fighter For The 1970's...

February 2014

Alot of classic automotive “snob-ist’s” have always looked down their noses at AMC products. Claiming that AMC stood for “All Mistakes Conbined” or “Almost A Car”. To be honest AMC made some real cool cars.

With the influx of imports and thesoon to be introduced Ford Pinto andChevy Vega AMC needed to do something fast. Strapped for cash they didn’t have the cash flow to design an all new car. So the decision was to use the exsisting Hornet platform. Rumor has it the AMC style guro Dick Teague drew up the Gremlin design on an air sick bag but truth be told it was future AMC design chief Bob Nixon who came up with radical chopped hatchback idea.

Introduced in April 1970 AMC marketed the Gremlin as the “First American Built Imported Car”From the start the Gremlin was both a sales and critical success. Car and Driver loved the 71 Gremlin X gushing over it’s ”Spirited handling and robust six cylinder engine”. For model year you could order the very popular “X” package. Featuring cool stripes, wheels, upgraded interior, added chrome and a lusty 258 six clylinder engine. Despite being the but of jokes the Gremlin proved to be a good car. Over 671,000 Gremlins were sold between 1870-1978. Outlasting and outselling the engine exploding Chevy Vega. AMC Gremlins have strong club support and an almost cult like following. Watch for values of these to increase soon. Our feature 1971 AMC Gremlin X is a finely restored example that is tribute to AMC’s history for being a little different. What’s It Worth??

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