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Coming Soon ..The Scrapbook

With the un-official end of Car Show Season here on the East Coast and the Fall Breezes turning to Winter Winds we are planning our Cold Weather Writing Projects. One of our Favorite Swap Meet finds at Fall Carlisle in 2018 is this Scrap Book purchased for a very frugal $5.00. Upon opening it we found it was crammed full of post cards from a family that took road trips from 1934-1940.

We thought would be a great series to recreate the road trips by going thru the post cars, doing a story on that year car (1934 Plymouth as example) seeing what places are still around and it not what replaced it. A lot of research for sure but what else better to do when the snow piles up outside your window. Watch for updates in Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine. We welcome your ideas and comments

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