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VAA Announces The "Gold Medal Value Report" For The 2019 Car Show Season

At Vintage Auto Appraisal it is never to early to plan for next years car show season. For the rest of 2018 and 2019 we will now be offering at every car show we attend the New Vintage Auto Appraisal "Gold Medal Value Report"

Only available at car shows and swap meets it is a Streamlined Version of our full VAA Appraisal Value Reports or Pre-Purchase Inspections. Featuring a cover page, information page, comps with value page and 10-12 quality photos. All this for only $125.00.

We will still be offering all of our other Appraisal Products at every show including Full Value Reports, Insurance Appraisals and Pre-Purchase Inspections. Sorry our Gold Medal Value Report is not for Brass Era Cars, Hemi Mopars, Exotics, Shelby's or Low Production Corvette's.

As always it smart to reserve or schedule a time before each show. You can do that thru Facebook, thru our easy to use website CONTACT US tab or just call us at 631-346-7014.

To see a sample Vintage Auto Appraisal "Gold Medal Value Report" >>>CLICK HERE<<<

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