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The World According To Ben Part 20 ...Our Poet Magnifico Ponders A Spring Road Trip That Hasn't

Road Trip In The Old Car”

(A Triple Sonnet)

No GPS. We’ll guess where we will go. The roads all lead to somewhere else, don’t they? If “else” is all we seek, then that’s the flow. Go with it. See all wonders on display.

The road rewards us richly, mile to mile. One drives, one sees, one hears, one smells, one learns. One finds great things to fill the knowledge file While, smoothly, the old drivetrain ever turns.

These things of glass and metal? “Ultra us.” Rubber tires, tactile, are our fingertips. All windows up, nobody’s hair is mussed. The giant wheel responds to feather grip,

Wood-rimmed, dual-spoked with horn bars in between. Might be the finest wheel I’ve ever seen


And so we dance: eight cylinders’ brisk tune. Sheet metal gleaming, blinding, in the sun. To seashore, mountain… perhaps even moon! Who knows how ends this trip we’ve just begun?

Well… OK, seriously, no space flight. Reentry alone would destroy this ride. It’s not a matter of some mindless fright, Nor any failure that might shatter pride.

My vehicle’s for rolling just like this. Two lanes. Four lanes. Uphill. Downhill. Left. Right. Past lakes, rivers, deserts. Through heavy mists Which might hold for us mystical delight.