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The World According To Ben Part 19 ..The Most Interesting Poet In The World Takes The Old Riv For A

Driving North Through Lititz In The Riviera”

(A Double Sonnet)

Miniscule scooter whines through intersection. Two up: a couple. That much is quite clear. Matched jackets, helmets bespeak deep affection. Ah, love… but overloaded bike pays dear.

Turn left on Broad Street. Leaf aroma surges: Not burning piles, just their scent as they fly On trickster breeze. An oak squadron emerges And nearly fills back seats as I drive by.

On to The Square. I make a shallow right. East Main. The Riviera’s now on view. The car gets waves and lots of pearly whites. Guy yells “Nice Ride!” from wheel of Subaru.

“You too!” I shout. “I have a Roo at home!” He grins like a crazed flesh/blood garden gnome.

Left on Water. One block. Old R.C. church On corner once boasted a pointy steeple; Now has a castle tower—lofty perch, Preferred, I guess, by extroverted people.

I’m wafting north. Jazz on the radio. Mel Tormé croons—Newport to Brunnerville. The harvest view. “The Velvet Fog.” I glow. Great car, sights, sounds. I never get my fill.

Left onto Lexington. Right at Dridge Hill. I descend through a cathedral of trees That seems ablaze. Then, S curve past the mill, The pond, the geese, the horses… “Could you please

Just let this lovely feeling last forever?,” Tormé sings. Driveway. Front to “Park” goes lever.

© Verse-Case Scenario, LLC 2016

For your consideration: local color at the most colorful time of year in my native locality. I’d been to Lancaster Cars & Coffee at Autohaus, made my charitable contribution to Aaron’s Acres, chewed the fat with car buddies old and new, then decided to have a relaxed, sunny drive home. Today’s poem depicts the last five-or-so miles of that drive, which actually occurred this past Saturday.

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