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The World According To Ben Part 17 ...Our Bro From Another Mo Romances About A Car Show


(Quatrains of Iambic Tetrameter)

Off now to field of shiny shapes— Sheet metal, sculpted, polished, bright— In shades of orange, cherry, grape, With toothy grilles and blinding lights.

We worship motorcars this day— You know, the ones one must still drive Rather than let them choose the way. Most times, one still arrives alive.

Our kind tends to be old and graying. Our cars were better—simple fact— And despite what the news is saying, Autonomous cars don’t attract.

Pry my dead hands off steering wheel And shifter knob! I dare you to! We’ll duke it out and you will feel What old man’s knuckles can still do.

My Buick’s almost old as I. Carbon footprint of dinosaur. But its sharp style draws folks like flies And gets the nods that I adore.

So please excuse. It’s time to roll, To join the flock and raise a glass To cars that still have heart and soul And, to these old eyes, lots of class.

© Verse-Case Scenario, LLC 2016

See you, I hope, at the Rotary Club Car Show in Neffsville today. Runs 9a to 4p. Great cars, great people, good eats, fun times. You have been notified.

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