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The World According To Ben Part 16 ..Seems Like Our Poet Supreme Has Sour Grapes

“Sonnet On The Unknowables Of Small-Town Car Show Judging”

(As described)

You can’t not like the Fifty-Seven Chevy If you’re a car buff of the blood and true— But, just this once, I’ll play the role of “Heavy” And share a little heresy with you.

The world went on after that stellar year, And with it, so, the auto industry. Millions more cars did after that appear, And some of them are quite special to see.

Are these sour grapes because the Riv came second? Not really… but, yeah, really, I suppose. We were quite proud when trophy table beckoned, For “Best Car”—but not “Best of Show.” My toes

Will soon heal from this rather roughshod trampling. Our Riv beat all cars but one in this sampling.

© Verse-Case Scenario, LLC 2016

Yes, of course, I’m joking. I think.

I don’t know how the judging and scoring was determined. There were three stouthearted Lititz-area “Celebrity Judges” present at the UZRC show, and I have absolutely no doubt that they executed their responsibilities with diligence and fairness. I just wish I knew and could digest all the criteria. Fore-educated would be forearmed for next year…

And, of course, there’s always next year. As an extremely longtime fan of Philadelphia pro sports, I know that phrase well. In fact, I often blurt it out when I awaken in the morning.

A few of the Riv’s remaining flaws will have been dealt with by then. We shall see…

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