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The World According To Ben Part 15 ..Silver In Color And Sleek As The Wind Ben’s 64 Riv Again Inspir

“Silver Shape”

(A Sonnet)

The silver shape dissolves in dying light. A final sunflash blazes on chrome wheel. At home and cooling after dusk delight, It can’t be understood as parts piecemeal.

It’s automotive sculpture, and it states Its purposes clearly: comfort and speed. When I’m behind the wheel, tensions deflate As it provides exactly what I need.

This very day, if plans hold, we will show This beauty to a most adoring crowd: A convention of admirers who know How precious it is. Yes, I hope they’re wowed,

But that will pale next to the moment when I get to drive this beauty home again.

© Verse-Case Scenario, LLC 2016

Tomorrow, we’re taking the Riviera, plus friends Mike and Shelly, to the Buick Club of America annual gathering in Allentown, PA. Wish us luck—it’s not a judged show, but I understand crowd favorites will be acknowledged in some way or another. I can only hope…

Then, too, asking a 53-year-old car to get us to and from Allentown is, in and of itself, a bit of an adventure. Accordingly, my AAA card is already prominently placed in my pocket.

Que sera, sera.

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