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The World According To Ben Part 9 ..With The Wonderful Reality Of Owning A Classic Riv Warming His S

“We’ll Ride”

(Free-Meter Rhyme)

We’ll ride because we simply want to. We’ll ride because, well, that’s just what we do. We’ll ride when we have gasoline to burn. We’ll ride because we haven’t been past the next turn. We’ll ride because riding reveals something to learn. We’ll ride to meet with riders just like us. We’ll ride in elegance—no muss, no fuss. We’ll ride, with a/c on, to music cool. We’ll ride because we’re “Old School.”

We’ll ride because cool cars beat planes and boats. We’ll ride to hobnob with Sting Rays, Malibus and “Goats.” We’ll ride to find where streets are lined with chrome. We’ll ride here, there, everywhere… but always home. We’ll ride to… who knows where? It’ll be a surprise. We’ll ride to a movie, then grab some burgers and fries. We’ll ride to diners and eat something quite filling. We’ll ride to shady lots with people milling. We’ll ride and we’ll love it, whether it be placid or thrilling.

We’ll ride as long as we’re able and willing. We’ll ride, some days, with dogs along. We’ll ride, sometimes, to escape the chaotic throng. We’ll ride to woody overlooks. We’ll ride to libraries just to browse the books. We’ll ride to see a jazz combo that really cooks. We’ll ride to glinting lakes and babbling brooks. We’ll ride, perhaps, to shores of sunny sand. We’ll ride because, as Woody said, this is our land. We’ll ride straightaways. We’ll ride winding hillside roads that go on for days. We’ll ride Interstates to there and back. We’ll ride the scarcely traveled tracks. We’ll ride to where ringnecks still complain in the corn.

We’ll ride just to hear the mountainside echo of our horns. We’ll ride under all skies (but hope for blue). We’ll ride to visit friends, including you. We’ll ride a lot of roads before we’re through. We’ll ride side-by-side, just two. We’ll ride under blazing sun and countless stars above. We’ll ride, we two, as one… because we love.

© Verse-Case Scenario, LLC 2016

After yesterday’s dreamland raunch, a palate-cleansing dose of romantic reality—our romantic reality, specifically.

In addition to riding, we also binge watch. Got through episodes 1 to 6 of season four of “House Of Cards” last night. No, I won’t spoil a thing. Just wanted you to know where to find us should we fail to answer the phone.

Gotta tellya, the streaming stuff is so good these days that I sometimes wonder why we bother with cable anymore. Then I remember HBO, Showtime, AMC and FX. Oh, yeah, that’s why.

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