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What's It Worth?? 1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Patriot Edition ..One Rare Yuppie Mobile

By model year 1983 Cadillac was trying to forget. On the third year of its restlyed 1980 lineup Caddy was trying to leave in the rear view mirror the horrors known as the Cimarron and the V8-6-4 engine that had very bad cylinder deactivation. By 1983 Cadillac had classier restyled grilles ,updated trim and colors.

A giant leap forward kinda sorta was the HT4100 engine with digital fuel injection, cast iron cylinders inside an aluminum block. Adding to Cadillac’s bad rep was that some early engines suffered from soft camshafts causing lifter failure and more ticking then Big Ben.

Most were fixed under warranty by your local embarrased Cadillac service department. Shifting was done by a new for 83 four speed automatic overdrive transmission. Full power was standard as was the excellent climate control system. Your base 1983 Coupe DeVille would set you back $15,249. Not to much dough for a Reagan era Yuppie.

Wanting to have a special Coupe DeVille of their own Northeast Cadillac dealers created a rare and unique edition called “The Patriot” All Patriot Editions were painted in color code C19 known as Wedgewood Blue. A 1980′s era fake convertible or carriage roof was finished in white or blue canvas. Interiors in your Patriot were supple white leather with dark blue piping, rug and dashboard. Backing up your exclusive 1983 DeVille Patriot was a 1950′s style Continental Kit.

Very few Patriot Deville’s were built in 1983 making it a very rare Cadillac. Our feature 1983 Cadillac Coupe “Patriot” Edition is a two owner 23,000 mile original car in stunning condition. Rare 1980's era cars are rising in value fast.

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