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The World According To Ben ..Lusting After A Long Lost Lincoln

Thru the years we have had many customers, friends and fans of Vintage Auto Appraisal. One of our biggest supporters has been our friend Benjamin Neideigh. Not only a lover of quirky classic vehicles he is also an author and poet. We are honored to be adding one of Ben’s poems to Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine. We hope he lets us share more of his wonderful bombastic intelligent writings to these pages. Why do you ask are we adding poetry or sonnets to Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine? ..Hey we are trying to “Class Up” the place. Thanks again Ben.

The Long Car”..

The Long Car was, well… long. I can’t imagine it could ever belong In any single modern parking space. A sad fact must be faced: Cars aren’t like that anymore. In many ways, they’ve become a snore. Sleek and smooth? Gadgets galore? Yes… but hardly style. Certainly not enough to stretch a quarter-mile Like The Long Car did. You’d agree If you’d been back there back then with me

The Long Car was long on everything: Stretched white sheet metal… fins as big as wings… Chrome encrustations, Plus even more ostentatious decorations Plated to resemble gold… Vast soft top that, into trunk, would fold… Jagged four-pointed star on the hood… Inside, blue leather, buttons, plastic wood… As Fifties as a Fifties car could be. Always filled me with glee. What a sight to see.

The Long Car fueled my dreams. Quick hops for cheeseburgers and ice cream Became motorcades. I rode, an imaginary boy king in crown and brocade, In the back seat, being too young to drive. But ah, that dream? Long kept it alive. In bad times, that dream helped me thrive. It was something almost real for which I could strive. Me, behind the wheel Of a vast, bombastic, American automobile.