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Getting Ready For The 2016 Car Show Season And Turning A HoBo Into A Stunner

As the fall winds blow the leaves from the trees at Vintage Auto Appraisal we start looking forward to the 2016 Carlisle Car Show Season and Winter Projects that fill The Car Condo. With only at the time of this writing a scant 125 days till Spring Carlisle 2016 we need to get “A-Crackin”

Part of our mission is our new look. Going for a more Retro Beachy theme it is a bigger challenge than you can imagine. Signs, banners, website, logos, shirts and business cards to name a few need to updated to the new look. That change is well on its way.

We are planning on doing a lot more content in Vintage Auto Appraisal Magazine. New What’s It Worth’s, On The Road With Johnny B, The Adventures Of Carlisle Johnny and Retro Road Tests are planned. Any suggestions or stories you want please use the CONTACT US tab on the top of the page.

The only way for any business to really succeed these days is to have strong traffic to their website. We have learned in the past that one of the best ways to do that and get strong results in search engines like Google is to Bomb the internet with content. We plan on doing that. That helps new customers find us and better serves our loyal customers from the past.

As we do every winter The Car Condo is filled with upgrades to Otto, knuckle busting projects and finally a long distance future Daily Driver Carlisle Cruiser.

The good news is our Pal Otto is up and running again. Otto being the face of Vintage Auto Appraisal he will be finally attending some Long Island Car Shows as well as the 2016 Import Carlisle. Not being able to rest when it comes to Ole Otto the pieces for the 4 Wheel Disc Brakes Conversion, Front Lowering Struts and sexy Chrome Porsche 911 Wheels are coming together. We promise future articles as the not going according to plan project moves forward.