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Redneck Auto-Moment ..Billy Bob Introduces Rent-A-Vette And Never Let Uncle Zeb Fix Yer Brakes

Got a wedding, prom or that special tractor pull? Billy Bob and Twanda introduce “Rent-A-Vette” Using Uncle Bubba’s 1976 Corvette you can whisk that special lady to any event in style. A 12 pack of Colt 45 and a Jug of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill will be provided to get your lady in the mood. Billy Bob asks that you at least have learners permit. Twanda asks that if you can’t wait for thems wedding night nuptuals please use the grass next to the Rent-A-Vette and do not “Fawnocate” inside on the plush velvet interior. Please have the Rent-A-Vette back by 8pm on Saturday evening so Uncle Bubba can drag race at the Possum Balls Drag Strip.

Uncle Zeb's Car Repair.jpg

Billy Bob has done told Twanda a million times never get the brakes fixed on the moonshine van at“Uncle Zeb’s”car repair and taxidermy shack

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